Free Air ethnic festival at Shabli

An amazing ethnic music festival took place late on June 19 and early on June 20 at the Shabli estate outside Valozhyn, Minsk region. Fans braved heavy rain to watch bands play and get together with friends.

The performers included famous bands Troitsa and Palats, Vaitsyushkevich, Nahual and Nasta Nyakrasava.

Viktar Shalkevich opened the show, followed by an energetic performance by Deti Detei.

Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich celebrated his birthday on the same day. He experimented with his songs and  looked completely satisfied. Vaitsyushkevich sang Bella ciao, an anthem of Italian guerrillas, together with Zmitser Papou. 

Troitsa stunned with its performance, making fans think about their roots.

Ja Naradziusya Tut energized fans. A version of Razvitanne z radzimai by Vaitsyushkevich and Kseniya Minchanka especially touched fans.

Photo: Volha Savich