Former Interior Minister Zakharanka missing for 20 years

Yury Zakharanka​ /
Yury Zakharanka​ /

May 7th marked exactly 20 years since the ex-Minister of the Interior Yury Zakharanka disappeared.

He headed the Interior Ministry in 1994-1995. After the resignation, Zakharanka joined the opposition, criticized the regime of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, created an association of security officers. He repeatedly participated in street rallies, spearheading them.

According to unofficial information, the 47-year-old Yuri Zakharenko was killed by the so-called "death squadron".

In 2000, the Zakharanka family received political asylum in Germany. The mother of the missing General, Ulyana Zakharanka, died in May 2018.

The investigation of the Zakharanka case has lasted for 20 years.

On the 20th anniversary of Zakharanka’s disappearance, the opposition activist Mikalai Autukhovich appealed to the Belarusian security forces not to execute the criminal orders of the authorities.