Five more ‘patriots’ released

Screenshot from video
Screenshot from video

Five more people involved in the so-called “patriots’ case” were released from detention centre #1 on June 29. It has been happening for three days on end.

Ivan Kavalchuk, Dzmitry Novik, Andrei Komlik-Yamatsin, Andrei Dundukou and Alyaksei Abramau have been released this time.


Andrei Komlik-Yamatsin and his wife were making national style clothes Terram Album. Ivan Kavalchuk is a 25-year-old architecture student from Myadzel. Rescuer Andrei Dundukou was arrested when he was heading for Ukraine for vacation with his wife and child.

Dundukou and Novik refused to talk to journalists after the release.

Seven other people involved in “the patriots’ case” were released in the past two days. Two more suspects are still in prison: Miraslau Lazouski and Victar Maroz. 35 people were detained in connection with this case in March and April. They were accused of preparation for mass riots and of the creation of an illegal armed unit. Some of the detained were released in May. They were no longer accused of preparation for mass riots. Now these charges have been lifted from all the detainees. 16 people suspected of the creation of an illegal armed unit stayed behind the bars. Almost all of them are at large no but the charges have not been lifted from them.