Fire in Riga presidential castle (photo, video)

3200 square meters of the castle territory was destroyed by the fire.

A rescuer got poisoned on carbon monoxide. The whole roof was destroyed by the fire and collapsed. Hundreds of square metres of Riga Castle were on fire at night, RIA Novosti reports.

Minister of Culture Zhaneta Jaunzeme-Grende has organized an urgent meeting of the Crisis Committee in connection with the fire in Riga Castle hosting the President’s residence and the National History Museum. The Minister is going to discuss the situation and draw a plan of actions.

Experts are worrying about the funds of the history museum and the Museum of Literature situated in the castle.


The fire received the highest danger level, reports. There are houses and important buildings near the castle. All Riga region rescuers and a helicopter of the National Armed Forces were involved in the firefighting. There is no information about victims.

The President’s residence was under reconstruction.