Final declaration signed at EaP summit in Riga

Participants of the Eastern Partnership summit in Riga have signed a final declaration. The document states support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and there is a call for the full implementation of Minsk Agreements on Donbass. In addition, the Eastern Partnership calls for urgent release of all hostages and illegally held persons in Ukraine.

Also in the declaration, the summit called for an investigation into the crash of the Boeing in Ukraine and punishment for those responsible.

The final document of the summit has no provision about granting Georgia and Ukraine visa-free regime in 2016.

Belarus asked to attach to the declaration a special written statement. The representatives of our country noted that they do not accept "specific paragraphs, which contain confrontational comments about the third party countries."

Foreign Minister of Belarus, Uladzimir Makey, noted that the final version of the declaration does not say about the illegal annexation of Crimea. There is only a statement of the EU that they do not recognize the events connected with Crimea.

Photos - The Belarusian Foreign Ministry