Ex-director of Slodych imprisoned for 3 years

She was returned guilty of power abuse and organization of illegal production and distribution of technical appliances used for tapping.

The sentence was pronounced in Minsk Pershamaiski District Court on May 26. The court decided not to confiscate the woman’s property, BelaPAN reports.

The director of the confectionery ordered to buy special tapping appliances with the enterprise money and install them at the plant. All information about employees’ conversations was sent to the director’s PC.

Selih’s actions were aimed at receiving information about her employees’ working and personal life. Over 35 employees suffered from her actions, investigators found out. The losses suffered by Slodych due to the purchase of the tapping equipment totalled 202 million roubles. The ex-director compensated the losses.

Selih pled not guilty both during the investigation and the trial.

Photo: onliner.by