European Parliament adopts resolution on Ukraine

A round table discussion between the government, the democratic opposition and civil activists is necessary, the European Parliament announced in its resolution, reports.

 Furthermore, the European Parliament expressed continued support for the European aspirations of the Ukrainian people and urged the Ukrainian authorities to respect civil rights and the fundamental right for the freedom of assembly and peaceful protests. It condemned the use of force against peaceful protesters and urged to release the peaceful demonstrators arrested in the past few days.

Moreover, the European Parliament expressed its concern about the brutal events of Dec.9 night when the riot police assaulted the offices of opposition parties and independent mass media and persecuted demonstrators.

The European Parliament reminded that new elections may be held in any democratic state if it is necessary to renew the national lawfulness.

The European Parliament highlighted its “condemnation of the inadmissible political and economic pressure combined with the threat of trade sanctions exercised by Russia on Ukraine.”