EU set to closely follow 'patriots' criminal case in Belarus


The European Union will not make new steps in connection with this spring's street protests and arrests in Belarus but is going to closely follow 'some investigations,'  the head of EU Delegation in Minsk Andrea Wiktorin told the portal.

The EU envoy said the European Union will continue the policy of critical engagement with Belarus. At the same time, she added that sometimes it is better to discuss human rights "during direct talks but not publicly."

"However, our cooperation is not only about financial assistance. It is also about common values. If we are talking about the rule of law, I would like to see how some investigations are progressing and how the trials and rulings will look like," Wiktorin said. She added that the European Union will closely follow the so called 'patriots' case' and the arrests of several former members of the now defunct White Legion organization and other activists.

The European Union on April 4 mentioned the preventive arrests and mass detentions ahead of and during the street rallies on 25 March.