Entrepreneurs refuse from February 15 meeting in Minsk

Іпэшнікі адмовіліся ад правядзення мітынгу ў Мінску 15 лютага

The republican association Perspectiva has refused from the idea to organize the meeting in the Park of People’s Friendship in Minsk on February 15.

“The first aim of Perspectiva has been reached: the dialogue that entrepreneurs have not had for 6 or 7 years has been resumed. The lack of the dialogue has led to the current critical situation and the loss of the possibility to work,” the website of the organization reports.

The first meeting of the work group for entrepreneurs’ problems was held in the Ministry of Economy on February 8, the association reports. Entrepreneurs have received a basis for negotiations with the authorities.


The statement was made by Perspectiva on February 8. However, Alyaksandr Lukashenka announced that officials should ignore entrepreneurs’ strikes and called businessmen criminals and bandits on February 9.


Lukashenka has heard entrepreneurs’ and is controlling the situation, head of Perspectiva Anatol Shumchnaka thinks.