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Election 2020: Singature collection kicks off in Belarus

The nomination groups will collect signatures for potential presidential candidates until 19 June /

The collection of signatures in support of the potential presidential candidates began on 21 May in Belarus. Each of the registered nomination groups should gather at least 100 000 signatures for their candidate nominees in the situation of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.

The signature collection phase will end on 19 June.

The Central Elections Commission of Belarus allowed 15 people out of 55 submitted applications to take part in the presidential election campaign. The registered nomination groups will collect signatures for the following individuals: 

ex-BelGazpromBank CEO Viktar Babaryka,

Liberal Democratic Party leader and MP Aleh Haidukevich,

farmer and video blogger from the Homiel district Yury Hantsevich,

Movement for Freedom leader Yury Hubarevich,

Speak the Truth campaign co-chair Andrei Dzmitryeu,

Belarusian Christian Democracy Party organizing committee's activist Volha Kavalkova,

United Civil Party's acting chairman Mikalai Kazlou,

entrepreneurs and former MO Hanna Kanaptskaya,

Minsk-based private transport firm's deputy director Natallia Kisel,

incumbent Aliaksandr Lukashenka,

United Civil Party activist from Homiel Uladzimir Niapomniashchy,

musician and Znich band front-man Ales Tabolich,

Belarusian Social Democratic Party's chairman Siarhei Cherachen,

the former head of High Tech Park Valery Tsepkalo,

translator and wife of video blogger Siarhei Tsikhanouski Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.


The presidential election in Belarus will take place on 9 August.

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