Dzyady opposition march ends with rally in Kurapaty

Photo: Euroradio
Photo: Euroradio

The opposition action dated for Dzyady ended with a meeting in Kurapaty on October 28. The action participants who had traditionally gathered near Minsk Watch Plant situated opposite Chalyuskintsau Park walked towards the Kurapaty Tract in Zyalony Luh Miscrodistrict, Minsk.

The rally was organized by the Christian Conservative Party BPF. About 200 people walked to Kurapaty to install crosses and pray for the victims of Stalin’s repressions. A large number of people were executed there in the 1930s.

Dzyady rallies have been organized in Minsk every year since 1988 when the story of Kurapaty was covered in mass media and provoked a public outcry.

The CCP BPF is planning to organize one more rally in Loshytski Yar – another mass execution site.