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Former Belarus' Eurovision act performs at DNR 'elections'

Dzmitry Kaldun. Photo:

Belarusian singer Dzmitry Kaldun gave a concert in the 'Donetsk People's Republic', a self-proclaimed republic in eastern Ukraine.  The gig took place in the central square of Donetsk on 11 November. It was dedicated to the election of the leader of the self-proclaimed republic (a similar election was also organized in the neighboring 'Luhansk People's Republic.’) A video showing armed soldiers with automatic rifles standing near the stage has appeared on Instagram.

Dima Koldun represented Belarus at the Eurovision song contest in 2007. He finished 6th in the final - Belarus' best pereformance at the contest.

The Ukrainian authorities usually keep track of musicians giving concerts on the territory of the self-proclaimed ‘DPR’, ‘LPR’ and the occupied Crimea. Once blacklisted, they ara banned from entering Ukraine.