Detainee forced to watch Lukashenka's speech all night

Detainee forced to watch Lukashenka's speeches / Sample photo
Detainee forced to watch Lukashenka's speeches / Sample photo

In February, during the early voting at the referendum, law enforcement officers detained a resident of Vyazanka. According to human rights activists, he was sentenced to 13 days of arrest under Article 24.23 of the Administrative Code (unauthorized picketing). The man was kept in the Maladzechna temporary detention center. 

For the first three days, he was kept in the so-called "glass," and three nights in a row from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. he was taken out to an office. There he was shown a video of Lukashenka's speeches for several hours, and he had to stand and watch it all the time. This was enforced by the policemen, who were nearby. At the same time, they changed in order to sleep. 

It is reported that the detainees were given the parcels just before their release. The head of the TDF came into the cell and wondered why they had nothing. Then they received three packages from relatives. 

Human rights activists also note that it was very cold in the "political" cell.

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