Death row convict Hrunou to stand new trial on November 26


Alyaksandr Hrunou has been already transferred from the death cell of Minsk detention center #1 in Valadarski Street to the pre-trial detention center in Homel, human rights defender Andrei Paluda told Euroradio.

The previous trial against Hrunou ended in June. He was sentenced to death. Alyaksandr Hrunou is accused of aggravated homicide (student Natallia Yemelyanchykava received 102 knife wounds). 

However, the Supreme Court unexpectedly satisfied his lawyer's appeal in October. The first trial was considered a mistaken one and the case was sent for reconsideration. Other judges will work on the case now. In the opinion of the human rights defenders, the reason for reconsideration is that the court paid no attention to several circumstances, like a full confession and improper psychological and psychiatric expertise.


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