Court cancels Vital Rymasheuski’s fine


Co-leader of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Vital Rymasheuski was fined Br1 million 950 thousand (15 base amounts) for “a false alarm” on February 7. The incident occurred at a signature collection picket conducted by BCD member Maryna Homich in Kamarouski Market on February 2. Rymasheuski had to call the police because people in plain clothes were trying to disrupt the picket. The police did not arrive but the people in plain clothes turned out to be policemen of the Soviet District Department of the Interior, he said.

The court’s decision was unexpected, Vital Rymasheuski told Euroradio.

Rymasheuski: "It is rather unexpected. However, all the procedural rules had been rudely violated there, the lawyer said. The violations were so evident that the court did not do anything exceptional. The case will simply be reconsidered.”

The policemen will simply re-write the detention report and the guilty verdict will be pronounced again, Rymasheuski thinks.

By the way, Rymasheuski will stand similar trials in the other Minsk districts where BCD pickets were held. His election campaign will last for a few more months, the politician said.