Vital Rymasheuski

The politician said he came to the rally to chat with his friends but the police officers testified he shouted Long Live Belarus!

Karatkevich’s team demands proof or apologies now while their opponents want an independent commission to check all the signatures.

The steering committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy will gather in the Tractor Plant Palace of Culture on June 13.

However, the head of the Minsk police did not name a specific institution that will get the money.

Negotiations with potential observers are still in process, representative of the civil committee Vital Rymasheuski told Euroradio.

Minsk's Savecki District Court cancels the decision of the district police department to award a fine to the opposition leader.

Belarusian Christian Democrats are collecting information from the other constituencies now.

Belarusian Christian Democracy co-leader Vital Rymasheuski has been fined for Br2 million 80 thousand (15 base amounts) today.

They plan to do it at the All-Belarusian Congress.