Council of Ministers: The name Republic of Belorussia is not an excuse

The agreement is about the provision of our country  with a state financial loan. The document posted on the official web portal of legal information of the Russian Federation referred to a non-existent state - The Republic of Belorusssia. As is well known, according to the official rules, in Russian our state is called "Republic of Belarus". As such, it should appear in public records. 

Neither the Foreign Ministry nor the Council of Ministers' officials could explain to the Euroradio why in the official documents  the Republic of Belarus is called the Republic of Belorussia. 

Here is the commentary of Volga Dougaya, head of the press service of the Council of Ministers: 

"The fact is that they are used to this title. In all official documents in the Russian Federation they write The Republic of Belorussia. And that's no a reason not to pay the loan, that's for sure." 

It should be recalled that there have appered jokes on the Internet suggesting that Belarus will not have to repay the loan received by "Belorussia." 

Belarus planning to get Russian state loan by end of September