Pre-recorded candidates’ debates

Henadz Davydzka and Syarhei Klishevich have agreed to participate in the debates /,
Henadz Davydzka and Syarhei Klishevich have agreed to participate in the debates /,

Parliamentary candidates will participate in debates in Minsk next week. However, they will not be broadcast live. The debates will be recorded and shown on Belarus 3.

Andrei Bazhko (Eastern constituency #107) and Yauhen Kazlouski (Kastrychnistkaya constituency #97) have agreed to participate in the debates. Both of them are members of the Republican Party. Bazhko is going to debate with the chairperson of the governmental party Belaya Rus Henadz Davydzka and four other candidates. Secretary of Mink city affiliate of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union Syarhei Klishevich will exchange opinions with Kazlouski.

The candidates are unaware of the date the debates will be broadcast on.

Head of the opposition movement “For Freedom” Yuras Hubarevich invited Henadz Davydzka to the debates at Euroradio earlier. However, the chairperson of Belaya Rus refused. Hubarevich was refused registration later.

TV debates are conducted so that two or more candidates could speak about issues important for society and comment on one another’s ideas. Furthermore, candidates have the right to comment on other candidates’ programs during debates.

TV debates require candidates’ consent. If a candidate refuses to take part in the debates, they cannot get any free air time. According to the Election Code, candidates have the right to send their authorized representatives to debates.

The election of members of the House of Representatives of the seventh convocation will be conducted on November 17.


Yauhen Kazlouski at Euroradio

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