MP candidate's TV broadcast removed over 'daily life a farce' comment

The candidate’s second speech has not been shown on TV. Furthermore, the speech made by United Civil Party candidate Uladzimir Nyapomnyashchyh has not been shown either due to his remarks about Alyaksandr Lukashenka. UCP member Iryna Dalidovich’s speech (running for MP in Iuye constituency #54) has not been shown either. She has reported the fact on Facebook and uploaded the video she made on her own ‘in case it would get censored’.

What did the candidate speak about? “We have been witnessing farce every day for 25 years,” she said. The worst thing is that ‘there is no hope for a change’. If the system ‘glitches’ and she manages to become an MP, she will request to initiate the impeachment procedure, Dalidovich promised.

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