Minsk's Sports Palace blocked for Brutto gig on May 27

Brutto не дазволілі выступіць у Мінску 27 траўня

Sergei Mikhalok and Brutto did not receive permission for concert in Minsk Sports Palace on 27 May. The official reason is the ethylene glycol leak in the room. The same reason was used to refuse the organizers of the concert "Whom you love? I love Belarus!" scheduled for March 25th. As the director of the Palace of Sports Siarhei Pranovich explained, the consequences of the accident will be dealt with in the time free from the scheduled activities. In the meantime, the ethylene glycol pipe is blocked:

"The concert will not take place for technical reasons: we do not have time to deal with the consequences, as we have to fulfill all the commitments that we have. Therefore, we will do repairs in free time, especially since the repairs need to involve other organizations."

Application for the Brutto concert at the Sports Palace was filed in early February. To do this, Sergey Mikhalok together with manager Anton Azizbekyan came to Minsk from Kyiv. The other day, the frontman of Brutto published a video where he said that the group manager had a conversation with Minsk officials who allegedly assked Mikhalok and his family "to return to the country and work together to build a democratic Belarus". Mikhalok expressed hope that the Brutto concert will be held in Minsk in any case, since "the machine is already running and it cannot be stopped."

After the group got a refusal, Anton Azizbekyan told the site Tuzin.fm that the band is not giving up on the idea of ​​holding a concert in Minsk:

"Now we are negotiating another date. We do not have a feeling of vicious circle. And I am an optimist and a realist. We live in truth, and we have not violated anything, as opposed to the Leningrad. "We have not performed here for five years, and we want to sing in our country. I have a gut feeling that it will happen. I always trust it. "

According to the director of the Sports Palace, when there is an available date, he will not bbe against Brutto performing there. In the meantime, you can listen to Sergei Michalok and his band in Bialystok on 12 March at a joint concert with the Hrodna group Dzieciuki.