Brutto give concert in Yanukovich’s former residence Mizhgorye

6 чэрвеня Сяргей Міхалок і гурт Brutto далі сольны канцэрт на міжнародным фэсце журналістаў-даследчыкаў. Імпрэза праходзіць у Міжыгор'і — былой рэзідэнцыі экс-кіраўніка Украіны Віктара Януковіча.

Siarhei Mikhalok and Brutto gave a solo concert at the international festival of research journalists on June 6.  The event was held in Mizhgorye – the former residence of Ukrainian ex-President Victor Yanukovich.

The most secret territory in Ukraine was opened for everyone after Yanukovich’s escape on February 22, 2014. Journalists decided to organize the annual conference there.

The best Ukrainian journalists got rewards from Ukrainian Pravda and Kiev Post for making reports about the war in the east of the country.

Brutto gave their concert after the festive ceremony, Belarusian Partisan reports. The band sang all their songs from the first album Underdog and a few new songs too. The concert took almost two hours.