Brest gets ready for “fun war” (photo)

Brest is getting ready for the Russian-Belarusian maneuvers “West-2009”. A new Russian road sign has been installed near the firing range so that “brothers in arms won’t get lost”. The number of women in military uniform, equipment and grenades has increased. Engines have been roaring and drivers of massive Soviet machinery have been training in the firing ground since morning. Soldiers summoned from the reserve – so called “partisans”.

About 12.5 thousand soldiers will take part in the Belarusian-Russian military maneuvers on September 18-29, reports the Belarusian Ministry of Defense.

220 tanks, 470 armored cars, 60 planes and 40 helicopters will be involved.  Russians will bring their generals and some regiments of the 20th army there.

A Polish spy?

Halting “Partisans”

Equipment ready for the maneuvers

New road sign in the firing range

Female soldiers

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