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Brest blogger Zmitser Harbunou jailed for 10 days

Photo of Zmitser Harbunou:

Blogger Zmitser Harbunou has stood trial in Brest Lenin District Court. He was accused of disobedience to the police. Judge Dzmitry Shuryn has returned the Brester guilty and jailed him for 10 days, Radio Liberty reports.


Harbunou was detained 30 minutes before ‘the blank paper action’ on May 1. He was leaving his flat together with UCP activist Alyaksandr Kabanau when they were arrested. The detained were taken to Lenin District Department of the Interior where reports for their disobedience to the police were drawn up.


Kabanau has been jailed for 11 days. Several people took part in ‘the blank paper action’ near the cinema house Belarus in Brest. They were holding blank sheets of paper in their hands silently.

Brest Lenin District Court jailed Uladzimir Kazlouski for 10 days and fined Inha Abramava and Alyaksei Samailyuk for participation in that action on May 2.