Blogger Matolka writes to Minister of Internal Affairs about symbols

Blogger Anton Matolka has written a letter to Minister of Internal Affairs Ihar Shunevich. He is asking to explain the legal grounds of arresting citizens with national symbols (the white-red-white flag and the emblem Pahonya). 5 people were detained in Barysau Arena on October 12 and a man who had a white-red-white flag in his car was stopped by driving inspectors the day before, the blogger notes.

Matolka is asking Shunevich what law he will violate if he puts on a white-red-white or Pahonya T-shirt. If there is not such a law, what does he have to tell the police if they detain him? He is asking for a written reply because he wants ‘to copy it and carry on him (just in case)’.