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Russian-Israeli blogger Lapshin shares Minsk prison's experience


Blogger Alexander Lapsiyn has described The Minsk prison No 1 (the notorious prison in Valadarski Street in the centre of the city) on LiveJournal. Azerbaijan requested his extradition and Lapshin had been kept there until the request was satisfied. Lapshin was accused of visiting Nagorno-Karabakh illegally. President Ilham Aliyev pardoned the blogger and extradited him to Israel.

Lapshin compares the Belarusian police to the Gestapo: “This is a real Gestapo in the centre of Europe. People are illegally imprisoned; many of them are accused of absurd things like attempts to undermine the state regime or insulting the authorities.”

The guards jokingly addressed him 'Schnelle, schnelle, Russische Schweine’, the blogger wrote.

According to Lapshin, the prison has not been repaired for a hundred years. Some of the detainees have been waiting for investigators’ for 2 years. 

Corruption is flourishing in prison, he added. It costs 2000 euro to get treatment in a prison hospital, according to the blogger.