Belneftekhim ex-CEO compensates for losses, gets released

Alyaksandr Lukashenka announced it at a meeting dedicated to the anti-corruption legislation.

"Nobody allowed him to keep his flat using the enterprise money, to have a flat in Minsk and to pay his wife’s bills with state money. It is inadmissible. However, the losses were assessed and multiplied by three. He has compensated for everything – he may go,” quotes Lukashenka.

“If all the losses were compensated, it means that the man is not that corrupt. He did a lot of damage to the state and it is bad. But if he has compensated for the losses, he should not be imprisoned,” the state leader noted. Lukashenka also mentioned Zhylin’s age.  

Ihar Zhylin’s detention was reported at the beginning of July. He visited the concern a few days ago and has already left Belarus to receive medical treatment abroad.