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Belarusians sell kidneys to buy trip to Egypt and scooter

Photo: Delfi

A Belarusian man sold his kidney to pay for his wedding and a 2-week trip to Egypt. Black-market organ transplant surgeons paid him $7 thousand instead of $10 thousand. At least 3 Belarusian citizens became their victims. The other two Belarusians used the money to buy a scooter and a notebook.

The police found the trail of ‘the black-market organ transplant surgeons' in Kosovo in 2008. One of the Belarusians underwent the operation in that country. It resulted in health problems. The others underwent operations in Ukraine (Kiev) and Ecuador. The Belarusian citizens were not beggars, all of them are under 25 years old. One of them was a self-employed entrepreneur. The other one owned 2 flats. “They did not seem to want to make as much money as possible, they wanted to escape the routine as soon as possible,” the police said.