Belarusians refuse from trips to Paris and even Prague

Беларусы адмаўляюцца ад турыстычных паездак у Парыж і нават у Прагу

Belarusians are refusing from trips to a number of EU member states, head of a major Minsk travel agency Uladzimir Makouski told SB. Belarus Today. The number of people wishing to visit Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Prague has decreased a lot this December, he said. Besides having financial issues, people are worried about security.

Terrorist acts killing many people hit Paris not long ago. Terrorists are being detained in France, Belgium, Germany and other EU member states.
There were a lot of people who wanted to go to Paris at first, Makouski said. There were 4 groups of 40 people each. However, only one group went to France. One more group will go there for Christmas holidays (there were 6 groups last year). The situation is the same in the other Minsk travel agencies. People are afraid of terrorism threat ‘in any spot of the EU’.
Photo: Fotolia