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Belarusians eye Poland, not Russia, as key job market

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The number of Belarusians seeking work in Poland is currently three-times higher that the number of those looking for a job in Russia. Experts estimate that the westward labor migration will become even more popular, even though in early 2016 Russia was a major attraction for migrant workers from Belarus, reports Deutsche Welle.

In 2014-2017, the number of Poland's work visas issued to Belarusians increased sevenfold - from 1591 upto 10 518. Belarusians have received nearly 40 000 Polish work visas in 2018 alone. Besides, there has been a 3-4 times increse in the number of invitations issued as part of the simplified employment procedures.

While the long-term migration to Poland has not grown, there are more Pole's Card holders (now over 100 000 people) who can work legally in Poland.