Belarusian Yana Shostak to run in Polish elections

Yana Shostak / Radio Liberty

Yana Shostak / Radio Liberty

"Civic Coalition has confirmed the participation of Belarusian Yana Shostak in the parliamentary elections to be held in Poland on October 15.

A month ago, the girl announced her intention to run for deputy from the Green Party and filed an application. On August 16, lists of candidates appeared, in which the loudest activist of Belarus is listed at number 13.

"The 24th district, which I will represent in the elections, is the district of Bialystok and its surroundings. What do I feel? I realize that I am in for a lot of work in the next two months. Now I am looking for a team of people who will help me prepare and go to the locals to tell them about our campaign," she told Euroradio. 

Беларуска Яна Шостак стала кандыдаткай ў дэпутаты на выбарах у Польшчы
Lists of candidates / Euroradio

In parliament, she dreams of working on integration policies, representing Belarusians abroad and helping people from other countries who have had to emigrate.

"I know that foreigners in Poland face many problems on different levels. Of course, you can help as an activist, but as life shows, your voice has a completely different power when you are an MP and can talk about systemic solutions to these problems at different levels," says Yana Shostak.

If you would like to support our compatriot in Poland, send her a text message indicating which city you are from and what you can do.

The candidate's phone number is +48570809530.

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