Belarusian Silivonchyk back home from Russian prison

Беларус Сілівончык, зняволены ў Расіі, вярнуўся на радзіму

Belarusian Kiryl Silivonchyk has returned home after spending two years in a Russian colony, Radio Liberty reports. He has been forbidden to enter Russia for five years.

Silivonck was imprisoned on charges of public appeals for terrorism.  He supported Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine war in social networks.  

The young man arrived in Minsk from Moscow on the evening of December 21. Journalists and his sister Katsyaryna met him.

Silivoncyk was detained on his release from colony and was delivered to a detention centre for foreigners. Then he was deported home. He spent 9 hours in handcuffs on the way from the detention centre, the young man noted, Russian policemen were polite and did not torture him, he said.

Silivonchyk thanked everyone for support. Mass media reports about his case have helped him avoid spending a few months in migration prison, the young man believes.