Belarus man can walk again after $55K-worth surgery in Germany

Vital Tyseu / still from the video by Radio Liberty

Vital Tyseu / still from the video by Radio Liberty

The Belarusian Vital Tyseu is already trying to walk following a successful surgery on his back funded via a crowd-funding campaign spearheaded by BY_HELP, according to the video published by Radio Liberty. 

Belarusian authorities arrested the man in August 2020 amid the massive protest movement against the election fraud.  While in detention, his chronic disease of the spine deteriorated. After he fled Belarus, doctors diagnosed a serious problem with Tyseu's back and said he urgently needed an operation.

The man had almost 20 thousand euros collected for the operation in Poland, but Polish doctors refused to perform it at the last moment. Berlin's Charite Hospital agreed to take him in. However, this time 55,100 euros were needed. Belarusians from all over the world collected this money, and on August 11, Tyseu underwent the operation.

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