Belarusian-Russian manoeuvres purpose political aims

The operational strategical manoeuvres “West-2009” will take place in Belarus from September 18 till September 29. 12.5 thousand people including 6 thousand Russians will take part in them.
A Minsk military expert Alyaksandr Alesin thinks that “West-2009” imitates a conflict with NATO.

“These maneuvers are hypnotherapy for the Russian political and military elite. It is an ally that is nip and tuck regardless of the rumour about Belarus leaving for the West. It is a demonstration of Lukashenka’s PR – the legendary readiness of Belarusians “not to let tanks reach Moscow”, - thinks an observer Alyaksandr Klaskouski.

According to some sources, the Russian President Dmitrii Medvedev may attend the manoeuvres.