Belarusian partisans sent video of attack on Russian plane to SBU

The SBU has already seen the video of the drone attack in Machulishchy / Sample photo
The SBU has already seen the video of the drone attack in Machulishchy / Sample photo

Belarusian partisans recently handed over to the SBU a video of a drone attack on a Russian plane A-50 in Machulishchy, writes @u_now. It is alleged that all the perpetrators of the sabotage were able to leave Belarus, "taking with them flash drives with drone recordings".

A video released the day before showed aerial reconnaissance in Machulishchy a few days before the attack. Another video captured "combat footage from February 26" -- from the takeoff of the drone to the immediate moment of the explosion. But there is no explosion on the video. The guerrillas say that one drone landed on the fuselage of the plane, and the explosion damaged the radar equipment, while the other was filming it. Later, the second drone landed on the A-50 "dish" radar and exploded.

BYPOL claims that on the morning of February 26, a Russian A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft, which conducts radio reconnaissance - tracking Ukrainian radar stations and anti-aircraft missile systems - was damaged in Machulishchy near Minsk. Belarusian partisans aimed two drones with explosives at it. Damage was done (mainly to the "dish" radar). On March 2, the A-50 flew to Russia to the aircraft repair plant in Taganrog.

Belarusian authorities don't want to admit the fact of sabotage at the airfield near Minsk, that's why their propaganda is so angry. On the eve of the attack, BYPOL published a video of aerial reconnaissance at the Machulishchy airfield.

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