Belarusian military company replaces head after Canadian sanctions

T38 STILET short-range SAM system produced by Tetraedr / screenshot of VoenTV video
T38 STILET short-range SAM system produced by Tetraedr / screenshot of VoenTV video

The military-industrial company Tetraedr has had a new director since December 1. Andrei Vakhouski was replaced by the former first deputy general director of Belvneshpromservice, Siarhey Bufal. This happened two weeks after the company fell under Canadian sanctions. Vakhouski is the only founder of the Tetraedr. He had been the director since the company's founding in April 2001.

Предприятие белорусского военпрома сменило директора после санкций Канады
Extract from the Unified State Register, provided by Cyberpartisans / Unified State Register

On November 17, Tetraedr was put on Canada's sanctions list for "actions of the Republic of Belarus that constitute a serious violation of international peace and security, which has led or may lead to a serious international crisis." Recently, the company announced its restructuring. The company website shows only one page with the following text:

Предприятие белорусского военпрома сменило директора после санкций Канады
Tetraedr website no longer works properly /

The receptionist at Tetraedr told Euroradio that the essence of the restructuring is the change of director. They claim that with the arrival of the new director, "absolutely nothing will change." When asked how the sanctions would affect the company's work, our source ended the conversation and offered to send them an official inquiry.

Little is known about the new director, Siarhey Bufal. For some time, he worked at Belvneshpromservis, which promotes Belarusian arms abroad. In 2014, the Council of Ministers awarded Bufal and representatives of other military-industrial enterprises a certificate of honor "for many years of fruitful work."

Russians are no longer trendsetters 

Предприятие белорусского военпрома сменило директора после санкций Канады
Belarusians together with the Laos military, to whom Tetraedr supplied equipment / Radio Laos

Tetraedr's peculiarity is that it is a private company that works in the Belarusian military industry. Andrei Vakhouski boasted that he had not taken a penny from the state and had created a successful company, saying that companies in the Russian military industry were no longer trendsetters and had to accept that.

Among the products offered by Tetraedr in August 2022 were air targets for training and practicing combat crews of anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMs). Also the short- and medium-range SAMs, radar stations and rocket and machine gun systems.

Tetraedr also provides services. For example, it trains specialists in anti-aircraft missile troops, radio-technical troops and rocket-artillery armament services. It also repairs and conducts technical inspections of weapons systems of antiaircraft missile and radio-technical troops.

Judging by the latest news the company shares, Tetraedr is actively cooperating with Azerbaijan. At the end of May 2022, it supplied upgraded SAMs to Laos. And on February 18, the military attaché to the Indian Embassy in Russia and Belarus came to Tetraedr to discuss military and technical cooperation. 

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