Belarusian ex-political prisoner Eduard Lobau becomes volunteer in Ukraine

Belarusian ex-political prisoner Eduard Lobau has become a volunteer in Ukraine. There are dozens of Belarusians in Ukrainian volunteer troops. Some of them are members of the Unity of Patriot. The association published Lobau’s video on YouTube yesterday.

Eduard Lobau was detained on December 18, 2010 (a day before the presidential election and the events of the Square) together with leader of the Young Front Zmitser Dashkevich. The Young Front members were accused of beating two Minskers whose names were kept a secret. Human rights defenders considered the detention a preventive measure. Eduard Lobau was imprisoned for 4 years in a top security colony and Zmitser Dashkevich – for 2 years in a regular colony. Amnesty International announced both the activists prisoners of conscience.

Lobau served all his term in Ivatsevichy colony. The 26-year-old activist was released in December 2014.

Lobau calls himself ‘a co-leader of the Young Front’ in the video. He has come to Ukraine ‘to help the Ukrainian people in the war against the common enemy’, he said. The member of the Young Front believes that Belarus may be the next target after Ukraine. Eduard Lobau decided to go to Ukraine when he was in colony, he confessed.

Lobau met a lot of Belarusians among volunteers. He did not reveal the name and status of his unit. The fact that the ex-political prisoner openly admitted his participation in the conflict means that he is not planning to come back to Belarus.

Belarusian ex-political prisoner Vasil Parfyankou is also a member of the Ukrainian volunteer battalion AUN in Donets Basin.