Belarusian commander wounded after special operation in Nova Kakhovka

Radzivon Batulin (fourth from left) among the fighters of the Belarusian Volunteer Corps /
Radzivon Batulin (fourth from left) among the fighters of the Belarusian Volunteer Corps /

Fighters of the Belarusian Volunteer Corps recently took part in a special operation in Nova Kakhovka in the occupied territory of the Kherson region of Ukraine. There was heavy fighting, and "there were losses on the part of the BVC. However, only one of the commanders, Radzivon Batulin ("Hena"), who is in hospital, is reported to have been seriously wounded. "He led the group forward and was one of the first to come under enemy fire," writes @bdk022.

It was a night raid by a special unit of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Its purpose was to learn more about the positions of the Russian occupiers. On the night of January 23, the special forces, with Belarusians among them, crossed the Dnieper River on boats. Using grenade launchers, they destroyed the command post of the Russians. The heavy fighting began. The group destroyed up to 12 Russian servicemen, an 82A APC, captured a prisoner, and then returned to the right bank on several boats. The video of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry shows that Russian artillery was firing at them. The Russian side claims that three boats were destroyed by artillery fire. The Ukrainian side does not report this.

Radzivon Batulin ("Hena") was in the Kalinouski regiment and later became one of the co-founders of the Belarusian "Terror" battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. At the end of last year, "Terror" became part of the established Belarusian Volunteer Corps. Last year, Batulin participated in Euroradio's program "Idea X."

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