Belarusian border guards find violations in product shipments from Russia


Since early December, the border guards together with other bodies have found 19 cases of violations of the customs laws when importing goods from Russia to Belarus.

BELTA reports that in 18 cases it was the trucks that, in violation of the law, brought to Belarus products with a total mass of about 257 tons. In nine cases, the carriers did not have the necessary supporting documents for 20 tonnes of oil, 32.5 tons of sauces, 20 tons of flour and more than 8 tons of pasta, 3.5 tons of potato chips, nearly 20 tons of dry baby food, 26 tons of walnuts. In addition, the drivers did not have a mark of the veterinary control on the party of 10.5 tons of dairy products, as well as 3 tons of processed cheese.

In addition, the shipments of rice, pasta, fodder yeast, soft drinks, vegetable fat, imported from Russia were sent for the examination. The average weight of each shipment was about 20 tons.

Currently, customs services are looking into the matter.