Belarus teachers to get a pay raise

As BELTA informs, salaries will be increased for teaching and other staff of preschool, secondary, special, vocational, special secondary education, social and educational institutions, and supplementary education for children and youth. At the same time there is a new approach: instead of the same increase in tariff rates for all teaching staff, there is a differentiated increase offered based on the presence of qualifying categories. It is expected that this will improve the motivation of the teaching staff to improve their skills and thus improve the quality of education. 

Based on the resolution, starting from September 1 increases for the qualifying categories will be: for the second category 30% of the salary tariff (rate) instead of 15%, for the first category - 55% instead of 20%, for the highest category - 90% instead of 30%, for the  "teacher-methodologist" category - 120% instead of 40%. 

More information about the Government decision here

Belarusian doctors to have salary increase on September 1. The tariff rates of district general practitioners, pediatricians and specialists providing emergency medical care will increase by 60%. District nurses, medical attendants and other professionals will have a 50% increase, emergency medical aides — a 40% one. 

In addition, medical specialists (except those mentioned above) will have their tariff rates increased by 50%, health care workers with secondary medical education -  by 40%, younger nurses taking care for the sick, hospital aides and others (except those already mentioned) — by 30 %. 

BELTA notes that the resolution applies to the budget organization and the organizations receiving subsidies. For more information, see the document here

Photo - Minsk-Naviny