Belarus seeks to take niches at Russian market over Ukraine embargo

Беларусь можа заняць частку расійскага рынка праз эмбарга на ўкраінскія прадукты

Belarus can take up some niches at the Russian market in the light of the embargo imposed by Moscow on Ukraine-made products, according to the statement on December 16 in Minsk by Director General of Eurasian International Cooperation Council and a member of Russia-Belarus business council Aliaksandr Alsheuski.

He reckons Belarus-made goods could account for 80 percent of canned fruits, jucies and purees in Russia. Belarus companies could also occupy the premium segment at the foodstuffs market.

Alsheuski also believes Belarusian goods can also take up a niche to supply souvenirs to replace Chinese-made stuff.

"We can also talk about the light industry goods - uniforms and other specialized clothing for the Russian railways, servettes for hotels, and special boots. Belarus can compete by price and quality," says Alsheuski.