Belarus opposition plans to nominate candidates for 80% of constituencies

На парламенцкіх выбарах апазіцыя плануе выставіць кандыдатаў у 80% акругаў

The right-center coalition is prepared to put forward its candidates for 80 percent of constituencies during the parliamentary elections in 2016, United Civil Party (UCP) chairman Anatol Lyabedzka told BelaPAN news agency.

The coalition includes UCP, Movement for Freedom and the committee to organize the Belarusian Christian Democracy party. The exact date of the polls will be set not later than June 10. The last day the election can be held under the law is September 11. A total of 110 constituencies will be created for the polls.

Lyabedzka says his party has been in talks with potential independent candidates and small political campaigns that are ideologically close to the coalition. "Therefore, our representatives may cover between 80 and 100 percent of the constituences," reckons the politician.