Belarus’ negative balance of foreign trade increased by $500 million

The balance of foreign trade totalled minus 3 billion 263.4 million dollars in January-September 2013. There was a trade surplus in the same period of 2012 – it totalled 1 billion 481.9 million dollars.

The export of Belarusian goods decreased by 21.3% in the first nine months of the year (compared to 2012) and totalled $28 billion 557.million dollars. The import decreased by 8.6% (to $31 billion 820.7 million).

There is still a trade surplus in the trade with Kazakhstan (576.8 million dollars) and EU member states ($665.8 million dollars). Ten trade balance with the EU was 8.395.6 million dollars last year, BelaPAN reports.   

Photo: Fotolia