Belarus to make uniforms and shoes for Putin's soldiers

Russian Military /
Russian Military /

Rumors are spreading online that some Belarusian companies have received orders to make uniforms and shoes for Putin's soldiers.

"The director of our company dropped by during the lunch break and gave out the news: there was an order from the minister of light industry and someone from the Defense Ministry to make uniforms and boots for the Russians. He did not say when, but probably in October," says a message of a "Belarus of the brain" telegram channel reader.

Some reports say that relevant orders have been received by enterprises "Otiko," "Trud" and "Labor Safety" - "as they are subordinate to Bellegprom.

Employees of these enterprises deny everything.

"There are no such orders, we have never received orders from the army of the Russian Federation," the commercial department of the factory "Otiko", which also has a representative office in Russia, told Euroradio.

"Maybe you received an order from the Ministry of Defense of Belarus?"

"We received tender mailings from the Ministry of Defense, but we do not participate in them".

"So you don't make shoes for the military at all?"

"I do not understand what you are talking about".

"We are talking about shoes for the Russian military".

"No, there are no such orders for "Otiko".

"And if you get such an order, will you fulfill it?"

"I can't tell you, it's up to the management to decide".

Here's what they tell us at "Trud":

"We don't have such an order".

"Are you 100% sure?"

"Yes, we work only with Belarus".

"Have you ever received an order from the Belarus Ministry of Defense? Is it possible that our military ordered shoes from you to share with the Russians?"

"No, no, we do not work with the Defense Ministry either, we only work with the industry".

We also could not get an answer to the question whether the company would make shoes for Russian soldiers if they were to place an order.  

"Labor Safety" specializes in the supply of special clothing, uniforms and work clothes, special footwear and PPE.

Here a man who introduced himself as a sales manager said that we were asking "some nonsense" and he "did not think it was true", and then immediately answered that all this "was not true", at least he had not heard anything about such orders.

Euroradio tried to clarify whether someone at the company could give a more specific answer to our question, but the person we asked wished not to go upstairs and "not to spread panic" based on the rumors that the journalists wanted to check. 

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