Belarus faces obstacles supplying food to European Union

Belarus faces obstacles supplying food products to EU countries. It is what the Minister of Food and Agriculture Leanid Zayats said on June 2 in Minsk.

According to him, to date, five of Belarusian companies have been certified to supply products to the European market. "But it is very difficult for us to promote our goods there, BelaPAN quoted the Minister. Not because of quality, but in connection with the duties. The EU is protecting its manufacturers by large duties. Our products, by definition, do not satisfy this criterion."

Leanid Zayats said that this year's task is to ensure the inflow of foreign currency from the export of food products in the amount of not less than $7 billion. He expressed the hope that the said export volumes will be achieved, "however hard it is to sell the products."

The main market for Belarusian goods is Russia. However, the Minister hoped for a "breakthrough" in the markets of the Middle East, Asia and America (including the US). Since the beginning of the year, exports to the markets of third countries has risen by 8%.