Belarus approves agreement with EU on illegal migrants' centers

Photo: BELTA
Photo: BELTA

Belarus has approved a draft agreement on EU’s financing for migrant centres, according to the Council of Ministers' resolution No481 of June 26, 2017 published on the National Legal Internet Portal.  

The government has approved the draft “as the basis for negotiations.” The Ministry of Internal Affairs will be in charge of the implementation of the agreement. The ministry is allowed to modify the agreement on condition that amendments “are not essential”. 

The European Commission will allocate 7 million euro for the implementation of the international technical assistance project, which also includes the construction of migrant centers in our country. Only illegal migrants detained in Belarus will be transferred to those centers.

Беларусь ухваліла праект пагаднення з ЕС пра цэнтры для мігрантаў