Belarus enterprises economize on modernization of Russian military equipment

"Economizing, economizing… They have their own business; they want to make money themselves", says a representative from Sukhoi's aircraft designer bureau. Some media reports suggest that the Russian aircraft maker Sukhoi, which manufactured the Su-27 jet fighter, points to the wrong modernization of the Belarus air force fighter that crashed during an air show in Poland, as the cause of the accident.

"Minsk has long since avoided to coordinate the modernization of the aircraft with the main manufacturer, counting on the buyers in the third countries. Thus, the equipment is upgraded with a potential risk. Possibly, the Su-27 accident in  Radom is part of those risks", wrote the Russian newspaper Izvestia quoting an anonymous expert at Sukhoi company.

However, the main office of the aircraft maker told the European Radio for Belarus that no similar official statement was issued. It said it was just an opinion of someone at the Sukhoi aircraft design company.

At the same time, Sukhoi company agrees that the upgrading of the Belarusian planes is carried out in violation of standards and procedures as it must be approved by the central design bureau of the Sukhoi company.

The reason is simple: Belarusian enterprises save money.

Sukhoi's representative:  “Economizing, economizing... They have their own business; they want to make money themselves. If they approach someone seeking cooperation, they have to share some money. Correspondingly, this reduces the profit. It is all about money".

It is yet to be known why our military economizes on the modernization. Defense officials declined comments until the probe into the crash of Belarusian Su-27 in Poland is completed.