Belarus down 12 places in Doing Business rating

The World Bank has published a new annual Doing Business rating. Belarus ranks 49th among 190 countries in the world. This is 12 positions worse than last year.

If we compare Belarus with other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, we'll see that only Kyrgyzstan has worse indicators: it has fallen from 70th to 80th place for the year. But Kazakhstan has moved up from 28th to 25th position, Russia went up from 31st to 28th place. Although Armenia has lost its position in the ranking, it is still ahead of our country and ranks 47th (last year it was 41st).

Neighboring countries occupy quite high places in the ranking: Lithuania - 11th, Latvia - 19th, Poland - 40th. Only Ukraine, which ranks 64th, is an exception.

The first three states of the world ranking are New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

The Doing Business rating includes 10 indicators: registration of enterprises, obtaining construction permits, connection to the power supply system, property registration, obtaining loans, protection of minority investors, taxation, international trade, contract enforcement and availability of bankruptcy procedures.