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Beautiful brunette Darya Shmanai was present during Lukashenka’s speech again


Darya Shmanai was present at Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s State of the Nation Address again. This brunette appeared near the President for the first time during his State of the Nation Address in 2014.


She won the contest Miss Spring-2013. The young woman was sitting next to the President’s aide Natallya Paytkevich and the Minister of Health Vasil Zharko back then. 

Darya Shmanai was sitting behind the President’s aide for sport Aleh Ryzhankou and Minister of Healthcare Vasil Zharko at the recent State of the Nation Address.

The brunette noticed among officials at Lukashenka’s State of the Nation Address is the winner of the contest Miss Spring-2013.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka talked about Darya Shmanai in an interview with Kseniya Sobchak.

"She has been working with me for two years. I never sit next to officials during official events. I usually sit next to my son and beautiful women. Many pretty young women work in out protocol service. They sometimes ask me for permission to sit next to me.  Why not? If I had a girlfriend like Darya Shmanai I would be more than happy!”

Darya also attended State of the Nation Address last year. She was sitting next to the President’s press secretary Natallya Kirsanava-Eismant. She ‘works there’, Darya said in an interview and did not comment on anything else.

She had to graduate from the Belarusian Economic University in 2014.