BATE vs Derbeceni - 0:1 (video)

BATE started actively, but then Derbeceni managed to equalize the game. Moreover, the hosts created the most dangerous moments in the first half. Goalkeeper Syarhei Chernik made a mistake but Anri Khagush kicked the ball out of the empty goal. 

The only goal was a penalty kick realized by Sidibe at the 56th minute, after Chernik had knocked him down in the penalty area (in the photo). Barysau footballers tried to equalize but failed. Surprisingly enough, Alyaksandr Yermakovich let BATE's best striker Syarhei Kryvets out to the field only at the 61st minute. 

BATE played in the following squad: Chernik, Khagush, Filipenka, Palyakou, M.Valadzko, A.Valadzko (Karnitski, 81), Alyakhnovich, Aleksievich (Paulau, 58), Hardyaychuk (Kryvets, 61), Radzivonau (c), Signevich.

The game in response will take place at Barysau-Arena on August 5.