Belarus basketball star Leuchanka to work at Nike

Alena Leuchanka / Instagram / @yelenaleu
Alena Leuchanka / Instagram / @yelenaleu

Belarusian basketball player Alena Leuchanka recently announced that she is now working in Los Angeles.

"Last month was so busy that I fell out of Instagram. Moving to Los Angeles, a situation in which I was one step away from an accident (life just flashed before my eyes), being stopped by a policeman (first time in America), and most importantly -- my new path and new beginning - work at Nike," Leuchanka wrote in her Instagram account.

She did not specify what she does in the famous company.

As Euroradio reported, in November 2022, Leuchanka announced the end of her sports career. The last club for which she played was Panathinaikos from Greece. As a member of the Belarusian national basketball team, Leuchanka won the bronze medal at the 2007 European Championship. In 2010, she was named the best center player of the World Championship. She has played in the Olympic Games twice.

In August 2020, Leuchanka signed the athletes' letter for fair elections and against violence of power structures, participated in street marches. For this she was sentenced to administrative detention in jail. 

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